New Photos

Hey Guys!
As you can see i have a new categorie on the site.
I was bored today at school and i do some photos.
The rest you can find on my devaintArt.

30.9.08 21:16

Finally Added

Hey guys :D
well I just want to let you know that I uploaded all the pics on my deviantart

Pls tell me what you think :D

28.9.08 17:19

New Lay + New Photos

Hey Guys :D
As you can see i have a new layout
I hope you like it
And i've added some photos (you can find them under "Nature"
To see the pics in full lenght pls go to my deviantArt

28.9.08 15:31


Welcome on photosdelux!
It's a blog where i'll post some of my photos i did.
I hope you like them and you make me some comments.
Thanks a lot!


27.9.08 18:45

Gratis bloggen bei